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How we are addressing COVID-19

At Locamats, we do not compromise with the health and well being of our clients or our workers. In the face of COVID-19, we launched new health and safety SOPs/Standard Operating Procedures. Through these, we optimised the use of protective gear for our staff, as well as disinfection and sanitisation of our equipment. We believe that every effort to help flatten the curve of COVID19 is of essence and we want to contribute, not only to protect those involved in our business, but also our larger community and nation.

How Locamats Has Adapted to COVID19

  • All Locamats deliveries are now contactless to respect social distancing guidelines. We deliver material at a safe distance from your staff, in an area that you have chosen for this purpose (please see our ‘Safe Service’ section for details).
  • Locamats delivery agents have been specially trained in COVID-19 risk awareness.
  • Locamats staff will be hand sanitising in between each delivery. They are furthermore geared with gloves and masks for each new job.
  • Locamats rental equipment are thoroughly sanitised prior to each delivery. Our staff are also equipped to further disinfect our mats and trolleys upon delivery, if the need arises.
  • Locamats rental equipment is sanitised and quarantined upon return. The company has allowed a minimum of 72 hours before the same material can be rented out again.

Evaluating the Risks During COVID19

Locamats is constantly reviewing the risks during this pandemic. It does so in a three-pronged approach through:

1. Measures to prevent person-to-person transmission. As Locamats is a people-based business, efforts are focused on preventive measures to keep the company’s entire premises safe. This is being done by:

A. Ensuring a safe service to our clients

  • Social distancing will be compulsory during deliveries. Staff will only be allowed to deliver material at a safe distance from the client in a no-contact zone.
  • Staff will be provided with a set of gloves for each delivery of the day and will change them in between.
  • Delivery vehicles will be assigned so as to enable a clear divide between material collected and those going out on rental.
  • Staff will be provided clean workwear on each delivery day.
  • Staff will be required to meticulously apply hand sanitisers prior to each delivery.
  • Staff are provided with face masks to wear at each delivery location.
  • All Locamats personnel have received training on COVID19 Awareness and the correct use of PPE.

B. Protecting Locamats’s workspaces

  • Encouraging work-from-home for all staff not required to be on location.
  • Encouraging temperature tests for all staff prior to arriving on site every day.
  • Diffusing government information on self-quarantining for staff members and all those living in their households, should any of them begin to show symptoms of COVID19.
  • Restricting access to non-staff members and/or visitors on company premises.
  • Denying access to company premises to anyone showing COVID19 symptoms.
  • Hand sanitising and/or handwashing is mandatory for all staff entering the company premises. Hand sanitising and handwashing stations are also available throughout Locamats’s premises.
  • Systematic cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch points such as door and work surfaces.
  • All staff are expected to be wearing a fresh set of clean clothes each day.
  • All staff are to guarantee they have had no contact with a COVID19-infected person in 14 days.
  • Staff are to keep to their designated workspaces; for example, drivers cannot enter a non-driver specific office space or warehouse.
  • Staff are encouraged to use their personal vehicle in lieu of public modes of transportation.
  • Special COVID19 awareness personnel are assisting colleagues in maintaining precautions on Locamats’s premises.

C. Maintaining social distancing in the workplace

  • Warehouses are delineated to allow people to remain in their designated workspaces. Screening is to be used when required for the movement of people within warehouse zones.
  • Staff is required to keep 6 feet apart from each other, when feasible.
  • Small groups of staff needing to work together are permitted to do so, with no rotation between the members of a same group.
  • Health and safety notices are put up on boards and appropriate distancing signage is displayed everywhere on Locamats’s premises.
  • Virtual group communication and virtual meetings are being preferred.
  • Common areas such as lunchrooms are being restricted in use.
  • PPE and other gear are being made available for larger group interactions when necessary.

D. Support to staff members in case of infection

  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID19 or suspecting they might have contracted the disease while on duty will be sent home immediately.
  • Thorough sanitising of all touch points of this member of staff will be undertaken.
  • Contact tracing of co-workers and clients, if applicable, will be carried out.
  • Any business contact of the concerned will be informed. Co-workers will be required to self-quarantine.

2. Measures to prevent contamination from rented equipment. We ensure our entire delivery procedure eliminates cross-contamination by:

  • Placing returning equipment under a 72-hour quarantine, particularly hand-held electronic equipment.
  • The methodical sanitisation of equipment, in particular high-touch points.
  • Sticking date labels on products to allow the verification of cleaning and sanitisation.
  • Ensuring the 72-hour gap is maintained before re-issuing coverts.
  • Encouraging clients to purchase their own coverts for enhanced safety.

3. Ensuring supervision and compliance to COVID19 guidelines by:

  • Constant monitoring of government advice and guidelines and applying those to the need of the workplace.
  • Making sure all Locamats personnel comply with official guidelines as well as the company’s protective measures.