The best mats to protect your location and minimise damage


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  • Money saving – No need for expensive rubbish removal. Locamats deliver and collect. Can be used over and over again
  • Budget friendly – We can quote to your specifications or meet with your location team beforehand
  • Better for the environment – We are proud to be an accredited supplier for Albert Plus. A scheme that promotes environmental awareness in film and television productions
  • HSS aware – Locamats will not slide on floorboards, tiles, marble or carpet. You will not slide on Locamats
  • Fire safe – Locamats exceed requirements for standard surface flammability
  • Labour saving – with no cutting and minimal taping if any, you can protect your location and sets in no time at all.
  • Keeps locations clean – Locamats stop the dirt where corex cant, no need to sweep or worry about dirt being carried further into the location
  • Absorbent – Protects locations and sets from the outside elements
  • Re-useable – You can use again in different locations. If they need to be removed for a shot on set they can be easily rolled back into place afterwards
  • Sound and lighting – every sound mixer will be grateful that Locamats absorb the sound of footsteps both on and off set. We can also supply beige locomats for the DOP.
  • Time saving – no need to rip up and dispose. Just roll down, roll camera, roll up